Botanical Desktop Calendar Aboca Museum 2018 collection

Picture of Botanical Desktop Calendar Aboca Museum 2018 collection
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Aboca Museum presents a new series of desk calendars. The 2018 edition is illustrated with the elegant images from The Garden, an illustrated weekly journal of horticulture in all its branches

The history of botany, in all its rarest and precious aspects, has always been part of Aboca’s project. The Garden was a weekly magazine founded in 1872 by William Robinson, head of the Botanical Gardens of Regent's Park, London. This periodical accompanied the development of British floriculture, promoting open lawns and flowerbeds decorated with wild country and mountain flowers. The fascinating plates that illustrated the issues were created by some of the most famous British painters and lithograph artists of the 19th century, including Henry George Moon, Beatrice Parsons, and Alfred Parson.

The original copies of the plates reproduced in the 2018 collection are kept at Aboca Museum’s Bibliotheca Antiqua.

The prints of the 2018 collection can be cut out and framed.

The beauty of the print and quality of the paper turn each image in the calendar into a precious botanical picture.

The flowers selected for the 2018 desk calendar are the following:
Cover: Urceolina pendula
January: Aquilegia stuarti
February: Narcissus bicolor horsfieldi
March: Azalea occidentalis vars.
April: Tulipa sp.
May: Richardia oethiopica
June: Gladioli sp.
July: Stigmaphyllon ciliatum
August: Hibiscus rosa-sinensis
September: Passiflora watsoniana
October: Cistus crispus
November: Kaempferia rotunda
December: Cestrum elegans

12 x 20 cm

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