Botanical Diary Aboca Museum 2017 Collection

Picture of Botanical Diary Aboca Museum 2017 Collection
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A modern classic.

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Aboca Museum presents the new edition of its artistic diaries.For 2017, its pages are adorned with elegant plates from Erucarum ortus, alimentum et paradoxa metamorphosis.Much more than a mere aide-mémoire

The history of botany and the spotlighting of its rarest and most precious aspects has always been a part of Aboca’s mission.Erucarum ortus, alimentum et paradoxa metamorphosis, which was printed in Amsterdam in the 1720s, contains one of the best-known studies of botany and entomology of the Age of Enlightenment.It owes its fame to the extraordinary artwork of Maria Sybilla Merian, a gifted painter and intrepid naturalist who overturned the conventions of the rigidly male world of the Dutch scientific community. Her conviction that every species should be painted in its natural environment led her to undertake an adventurous expedition to the forests of Suriname, to see for herself the metamorphosis of the caterpillars that populated the area. 

The originals of the plates reproduced in the 2017 diary can be found in the Aboca Museum’s Bibliotheca Antiqua.While copies of the work normally contain black and white engravings, Aboca’s specimens stand out for their delicate use of contemporary watercolour.

The selection of flowers in the Botanical diary, Aboca 2017 collection

- Cover: French hollyhock (Malva folio hederaceo)
- January: Pear tree (Pyrus prafina, florens)
- February: Common mallow (Malva)
- March: Indian cress (Nasturtium indicum)
- April: Broad lived purple iris (Iris hortensis latifolia)
- May: Rosa mundi (Rosa versicolor)
- June: Mountain pansy (Viola lutea, pleno flore)
- July: Sweet violet (Viola martia purpurea)
- August: Gold red lily (Lilium aureum)
- September: Cabbage rose (Rosa centifolia, batavica, rubra)
- October: Morning glory (Convolvulus)
- November: Sowbread (Cyclamen flore purpureo)
- December: Windflower (Anemone, flore coccineo)

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