Ceramic Amphora With Aboca Crest

Picture of Ceramic Amphora With Aboca Crest
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Ancient craftsmen

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Beautifully decorated in tones of light and dark blue, with an elegant Renaissance-style crest: the Ceramiche Leona artisans have used their skills and knowledge to create a majestic amphora of classic elegance...

The Ceramiche Leona Company is based in the Florence region and employs expert artisans to create each individual piece of ceramic by hand, faithfully reproducing the form and decoration on each one in turn, thanks to techniques dating from the Italian Renaissance period. 

Aboca’s purpose is to explore the profound link between humans and nature, which includes the rediscovery and usage of ancient artisanal techniques and knowledge.  To achieve this, expert masters of their fields are entrusted with producing objects by recreating centuries-old traditions which helped to spread the name of Italy throughout the world.


Amphora with spout and lid


Height including cover: 34 cm

Maximum width: 30 cm

Base diameter: 16 cm


Altezza con coperchio 34 cm

Larghezza massima 30 cm

Diametro base 16 cm