Flower Months 2018

Picture of Flower Months 2018
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12 splendid flowers provide colour all year round.

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"Flower Months 2018" is the wall calendar with a selection of botanical tables from Eden, or a compleat body of gardening, the famous gardening course by SirJohn Hill (1716-1775).

The 2018 Flower Months calendar contains the following flowers according to the nomenclature in the book:

Cover: Tulips
January: Laurel Leav’d Passion Flower
February: Purple Starry Senecio
March: Blue Umbellatum Crinum
April: Golden Poinciana
May: Dwarf Peony
June: The Cluster Tulip
July: Auriflame or Golden and Scarlet Tulip
August: Double Scarlet Lily
September: Yellow Painted Lily
October: Thuringian Lavatera
November: Fig Leav’d Hibiscus
December: Violet Bulbous Iris
Back cover: Spanish Bulbous Iris

Eden, or a compleat body of gardening was printed in London in 1757 and was issued in sixty weekly parts dedicated to a very demanding public of flower growers. The volume from which the images of the 2018 Flower Months calendar were extracted is kept at Aboca Museum’s Bibliotheca Antiqua in Sansepolcro.

43 x 16 cm, completo di busta