Flower Diary Belladonna Lily

Perpetual pocket diary

Picture of Flower Diary Belladonna Lily
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Days in bloom.

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The elegant pocket diary of the Flower series is an ideal place to note appointments and tasks.
It is perpetual and it therefore can be used in any year and started at any moment.

The cover of the diary is decorated with red Belladonna lily (Amarillys speciosa), and the inside pages are decorated with some of the most beautiful illustrations taken from Herbier Général de l’Amateur.

The history of botany, with the popularisation of its most rare and precious aspects, has always been part of Aboca's vision.  Comprising eight volumes, the Herbier Général de l'Amateur was printed in Paris between 1816 and 1827. The watercolours from which the engravings were derived, manually coloured at the time of publishing, are due to the famous botanical painter Pancrace Bessa, who worked at the request of Charles X of France.


15 x 10 cm