In Viaggio Nella Terra Di Piero Della Francesca

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An itinerant journey to discover a little of Tuscany: the Tiber Valley, homeland of Piero della Francesca. A short trip back in time, following an itinerary that captures the most important aspects of a land full of promise.

The book is available only in Italian language.


ISBN/EAN: 978-88-95642-24-6

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How wonderful it would be to travel by means of a story in which the geography of places is described through much more than just their artistic and architectural values: a journey in which an account of landscapes of all kinds is also given through the narration of their history. How wonderful it would be to delve into a real world described with imagination. This is what you find in the pages of this book. Here fantasy is permeated with reality and not the other way round, as often happens. 

The author not only uses her imagination but, through it, encounters the real world from where she transfers her experiences fluidly and immediately into paper

The route of her journey is based on her enchantment with the history of a town, one whose traditions she describes with fervour, introducing the reader to intense moments of the past, small events of daily life, and great moments in history. 

The author
Barbara Colaiuda was born in Rome, where she lives and works. She writes for several magazines on the subjects of popular traditions, the relationship between man and plants, local history, food and wine, and has produced a book of short stories. She has entered her stories with success in several literary competitions. She works in partnership with a university-based firm that carries out research into plant biology. In addition she has studied journalism at LUMSA, and is interested in psychology and sociology. She has attended a course of creative writing and is currently completing a course of narrative writing at the Holden School. She was the person behind the reassessment of the Cattedra Francescana, where she is a coordinator. 


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