Mallow Mouse Pad

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Mallow at your fingertips

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Fringes of light on Pythagoras' favourite flowers. The Mallow mouse pad was created with an image taken exclusively for Aboca by the famous photographer Mario Di Biasi. Add colour to your desk

Mario De Biasi was born in Belluno in 1923 and was adopted by Milan from 1938. He began to take photographs in 1945, with a camera salvaged from the ruins of Nuremberg, where a year before he had been deported for forced labour. In 1948 he presented his first personal show and in 1953 he became part of Epoca. He worked with the historic weekly for more than 30 years, achieving hundreds of covers and reportage from throughout the world. As well as the numerous shows in Italy and overseas, he held workshops on photojournalism and nature photography.

21 cm