Quanta Tosse!

Consigli per affrontare il motivo più frequente di ricorso al pediatra

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Why does my child spend all winter coughing? What can I do to relieve his/her discomfort?
These are recurrent questions that parents often ask, given that coughing is the most frequent problem among pre-school age children.

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Without always turning to pharmaceuticals, there are great remedies to soothe and reduce discomfort, including medicinal plants such as Grindelia, Helichrysum and Ribwort Plantain.

In this easy-to-consult book, written in a simple, direct manner, an expert paediatrician provides explanations and solutions to remedy even the most critical moments.

A practical, useful guide for all parents grappling with the small problems of the winter season.

The author
Paediatrician Vitalia Murgia is a professor at the 2nd level Master’s Programme in Herbal Therapy at La Sapienza University in Rome and at the 2nd level International Master’s Programme in Herbal Medicine at the Universities of Trieste and Madrid. She is the author of numerous scientific articles and books.


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