Linen Aboca Botanical Art Flower

Botanical print

Picture of Linen Aboca Botanical Art Flower
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Natural gems: Linen by Aboca.

ISBN/EAN: 939183733

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Exclusive images by Massimo Gardone on quality pure cotton paper. An explosion of colour and detail.

This lithograph print is created using a stochastic method and is printed on high quality 100% pure cotton paper from the traditional Magnani Paper mill in Pescia. The brand and the rectangle around the image are dry printed. Each print is packaged in a box.

The photographer
Massimo Gardone, photographer since 1982, specialises in visual communication and, in a broader sense, in any possible blend of graphic design, video, art and design. His flowers are the connective tissue of books and publications, an integral part of design objects.

31 x 46 cm