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A flower between the pages of a book.

The bookmark is available in 2 different botanical designs. Before submitting your order, choose the design that you wish to purchase below.


ISBN/EAN: 8032472010036

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Flower Bookmark is a practical bookmark with a double magnet that attaches perfectly to the pages of your book. When placed horizontally, it can be used as a reading ruler.

The flowers that decorate the two versions were taken from the Hortus Amoenissimus, which Franciscus de Geest painted in 1668. The book contains over 200 illustrations of flowers and, even today, it is notable for the freshness of the colours and the delicacy of the drawings that depict each species. The reproduction of the original manuscript, stored in the Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale di Roma, was edited and published by Aboca Edizioni. 

 The bookmark is available in the following designs:

- Tulip
- Mallow.

Chiuso: 4,5 x 7,5 cm

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