Apothecary Jar In Majolica

Picture of Apothecary Jar In Majolica
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Renaissance artefacts.

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Hand painted in accordance with techniques dating back to the 16th century, the pattern which decorates this precious apothecary jar in majolica originates from a jug made in Casteldurante roughly during the mid-16th century and now part of the Aboca Museum collections.

Clover dodder (Cuscuta epithymum L.) mentioned in the scroll, is a plant which belongs to the Convolvulaceae family, frequently cited in ancient pharmacopoeias. In Giuseppe Santini's Ricettario medicinale - Medicinal recipe book (Serravalle di Vinetia, Appresso Marco Claseri, 1604) there is an entry on syrup made with the plant (S.D. Epittimo), which according to what was written by Mesue The Younger, cures diseases such as leprosy, scabies and cancer.

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