Aloe Besler Hortus Eystettensis

Aloe - Botanical print with frame

Picture of Aloe Besler Hortus Eystettensis
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Natural gems: Aloe by Basilius Besler.

ISBN/EAN: 997516695

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From the Hortus Eystettensis by Basilius Besler, the most beautiful collection of floral art from the 17th century, a splendid print reproduced using modern techniques in an elegant frame with a golden border. Shapes and colours for your home. Allow Nature in.

Reproduction in natural size, imperial folio, printed on aged paper, similar to the original in weight (170 g), texture, colour and 32 mm laid lines. The imprint of the etching plate can be clearly seen. The colouring matches the original, thanks to the use of a chromolithography process, photographic retouching and four-colour printing. The gilded finished frame is in hammered antique walnut. The glass is two-layer and was assembled using the glass on glass technique.

The history of botany, and disclosing its most rare and precious aspects, has always been part of the Aboca project. After a period of study lasting 16 years, Hortus Eystettensis was published in 1613. It contains illustrations of more than 1000 plants, ordered for the first time according to the natural calendar of flowering time. The specimen that Aboca acquired, and also carried out the entire reproduction of, was the one from Eichstätt University Library.


Cornice: 60 x 51 cm