Benjamin Maund Bespoke Postcards

Picture of Benjamin Maund Bespoke Postcards
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Maund's Collection.

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A collection of eight postcards with images taken from The Botanist (1839) by Benjamin Maund (1790-1863).

Eight postcards that reproduce 8 botanic subjects created using the chromolithography technique, linked together in a series.

The following are represented in the postcards:
Thunberg’s Lily (Lilium Thunbergianum)
Feather-stipuled Tacsonia (Tacsonia pinnatistipula)
- Yellow Nelumbium (Nelumbium luteum)
- Hawtayne’s Meyenia (Meyenia Hawtayneana)
- Crimson-flowered Euphorbia (Euphorbia punicea)
- Climbing Lophospermum (Lophospermum scandens)
- Shewy Lily (Lilium speciosum)
- Showy brick-red cactus (Cactus speciosus).

The series includes a strip of eight postcards.


12 x 17 cm

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