Botanica urbana - Fabrizio Zara

Riconoscere le piante medicinali in città

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This quick guide, organised in simple descriptive information sheets with photographs, illustrates the essential characters we need to identify the most common medicinal plants in the urban environment, and paves the road to a splendid adventure among our streets. 

The book is available in Italian and Spanish language.

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“Nature is unbreakable. We may submit it to all kinds of oppression, subjection or removal: it will spring and be reborn from the least expected places. Spontaneous city plants are a mystery and an omen.”
From the foreword by Michele Serra

With attentive and sensitive eyes, armed with curiosity and the will to surprise us, the guide invites us to search along the walls, pavements and roundabouts of our cities for the presence of a nature that cannot be beaten, but that is often, and unfortunately so, forgotten.

The author
Fabrizio Zara, born in Rovereto in August 1975, he currently resides in a small farmstead in Vallarsa (TN), where, together with his family, he is in charge of an agricultural company specialised in the cultivation of medicinal plants. After his degree in Forestry Sciences in Padua, he increased his knowledge on medicinal plants through courses and a specialisation master’s degree. For nine years he was a collaborator of the botanical part of the Museo Civico of Rovereto. He is currently in charge of the botanical research and the curator of the medicinal garden at Aboca S.p.a. of Sansepolcro (AR). His professional interests focus on the study of spontaneous medicinal flora in Italy and abroad.

Foreword by Michele Serra, journalist (La Repubblica, L’Espresso) and writer (Gli Sdraiati).


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