Botanical Desk Calendar 2019

Picture of Botanical Desk Calendar 2019

ISBN/EAN: 8032472014386

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This is Aboca Museum’s eighteenth edition of the calendars and botanical diaries: for fans of the genre, this year we have selected some enchanting images taken from a botanical guide dedicated to the gardener of the princes of Orange.

There are copper engravings contained in the works The Royal Gardener and The Netherlandish Hesperides (Amsterdam, 1676), depicting the citrus fruits of the magnificent orangeries and the flowers cultivated in the sumptuous palace gardens of William Henry III of Orange.

Two valuable guides on the care of the nurseries and orangeries of the court, compiled in a single volume, which offer a fascinating overview of fruits and flowers, prepared by the master engraver Hendrik Causé and painted in watercolour by the illustrious botanist and artist Johannes Commelin. The work, printed in 1676 by the Dutch bookseller Marcus Doornik, encompasses The Royal Gardener and The Netherlandish Hesperides, also introducing the residences of William III Orange, the plans of their gardens and some original projects showing parterres and labyrinths.

From this extremely rare and valuable publication, one specimen forms part of the Bibliotheca Antiqua of the Aboca Museum.

The 2019 collection prints can be cut out and framed. The rich print and paper quality allow every image in the calendar to be transformed into a precious botanical framed picture.

CM 12 X 17