Ceramic Jar With Aboca Crest

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Golden chalices and ornamental leaves... 

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Golden chalices and ornamental leaves... Created specially for Aboca by the Tuscan employees of Ceramiche Leona using Renaissance techniques, this exquisite ceramic jar will give your home a touch of traditional Italian artisanal charm.

The Ceramiche Leona Company is based in the Florence region and employs expert artisans to create each individual piece of ceramic by hand, faithfully reproducing the form and decoration on each one in turn, thanks to techniques dating from the Italian Renaissance period.

Other information

This ceramic jar was a typical apothecary container. It is characterised by its unique cylindrical form, which widens at the top and bottom, and is similar to a bamboo cane.  In ancient time, crude drugs used to be transported inside the bamboo canes from the East.

Originally from Persia, the jar has long been the emblem of apothecaries and herbalists due to the stanniferous enamel used for the production of majolica, which ensures that it is completely water-tight and can effectively store medication.



Height: 20 cm

Base diameter: 9.5 cm



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Altezza 20 cm

Diametro base 9,5 cm