Chess Board From The Time Of Luca Pacioli

Picture of Chess Board From The Time Of Luca Pacioli
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The board of the Friars: an exclusive design of chessboard

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As part of the project which led to the reproduction of De ludo scachorum (On the Game of Chess) by Luca Pacioli, Aboca Museum presents an extraordinary wooden chess board. The design was inspired by the wooden inlays of the false perspective choir from the church of San Francesco in Sansepolcro and now conserved at the town museum. An item full of interest and history designed for all lovers of the celebrated game.

Created by local master craftsmen, the chessboard obtained from centuries-old antique oak beams includes inlays of ebony and pear wood.

The Aboca project, an exploration of the profound bond between man and nature, includes reinforcing the culture and history of its region, Val Tiberina in Tuscany. The classic interest in medicinal plants is therefore aligned with the production of objects and volumes associated with Sansepolcro and the surrounding lands.


Each chessboard has been treated with a mixture of incense, myrrh, Chios mastic and natural alcohol, which preserves the wood and its derived artistic creations over time.

Other information

The exceptional complexity of the inlays that inspire the designs of the chessboard is linked to the Renaissance developments in perspective and is related in particular to the meticulousness of Piero della Francesca. The illustrious artist could almost have designed this piece on a commission from Luca Pacioli when he was prior of the Convent of the Francescan friars in Sansepolcro.

Each chessboard is certified and numbered

44 x 44 x 4h cm