Clematis Tea Cup Aboca Museum Collection

Picture of Clematis Tea Cup Aboca Museum Collection
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An elegant white ceramic tea infuser, comprising cup, lid and saucer, decorated with the clematis flower (Clematis Nelly Moser), as pictured in the renowned Revue horticole.  

The history of plants, along with making some of their rarest and most precious characteristics more widely-known, has always been an important part of Aboca’s work. The Revue horticole is one of the longest-running European botanical publications, issued by the Société nationale d'horticulture de France. Published from 1829 to 1974, it is renowned for the crystal-clear chromolithographs shown in each issue, created by some of the greatest illustrators of the time.

It is also available with another pattern:

Pale galingale (Cyperus eragrostis).



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11 x 7 cm

Diametro piattino: 14,5 cm