Conoscere le piante medicinali - Andrea Lugli

40 schede pratiche, tante curiosità e suggerimenti utili

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These easily-read cards provide invaluable information about medicinal plants and their uses. A wealth of useful knowledge and suggestions help the reader grasp the fascinating world of medicinal plants.

The book is available only in Italian language.

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The volume Conoscere le piante medicinalihas two main objectives:
- the first objective is to encourage readers to reflect on what medicinal plants are, and on what we know about them
- the second objective is to provide a brief summary of the characteristics of these plants, and of the main uses to which they may be put according to broad international agreement – in other words, those uses deemed safe and reliable.

Medicinal plants can of course be used by experts for therapeutic purposes, as the name itself suggests: however, given that a wider public uses such products in the self-medication of less serious ailments, it is extremely useful to know exactly what one can expect of such plants.

This volume thus contains individual descriptive cards providing brief descriptions of all the basic uses which, as far as is currently known, are potentially beneficial and of importance in particular in the field of self-medication. At the end of the volume there is a series of further cards summarising the best substances for each ailment or health requirement.

This volume is designed both for the enthusiast and for those taking an interest in medicinal plants and their uses for the first time.

The topics are dealt with a simple manner, so as to render the book a pleasure to read, but are nevertheless based on valid, scientific facts, and as such ensure that the work will also be of interest to the more advanced reader.

The author
Andrea Lugli
graduated in Phytotherapy-Herbal Medicine from the College of Phytotherapy (UK), and he also possesses a degree in industrial chemistry from Bologna University. He is a member of the College of Practitioners of Phytotherapy, and he has taken an active interest in medicinal plants for over ten years now. He regularly holds training and ECM courses for Physicians, Pharmacists and Herbalists. He also teaches on the International Master’s Degree II-level course in Phytotherapy held jointly by the Universities of Cagliari and Madrid.   


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