Cosa sosteniamo?

Pensare la natura al tempo della catastrofe

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“Morton is the most interesting guide into this new era.” (The Guardian)

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Timothy Morton is today’s most significant intellectual voice in thinking on sustainability, and in the last 10 years he has become known as one of the most important philosophers of his generation.
If we want the concept of environmentalism to still have meaning, says Morton, we need to scrap its anthropocentrism, which makes Nature into an “absolute”, a metaphysical abstract that needs to be preserved, and move into an entirely post-human era. That is, man needs to become aware that he is part of the ecological system and needs to behave appropriately and respectfully in defending it.

Cosa sosteniamo? picks up from a conference that Timothy Morton held in Milan as part of the festival “A seminar la buona pianta”, curated by Giovanna Zucconi and sponsored by Aboca, in which writers, artists, musicians and scientists explored the inextricable connection between man and the plant world.

Timothy Morton (London 1968) is professor at Rice University, Houston. Previously, he has taught at the University of California and at New York University. His books include: Being ecological (2018), Hyperobjects (2013), and The ecological thought (2010).

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