Crescere come cresce una pianta - Luther Burbank

Piccolo trattato sul mondo vegetale e le società umane

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“If we hope to improve the human race, we should start with the child, since the child responds more readily to the environment than any other creature that exists.”

“During the course of many years of investigation into the plant life of the world....I have constantly been impressed with the similarity between the organisation and development of plant and human life.”: so begins botanist Luther Burbank in his celebrated book The Training of the Human Plant, whose Italian edition we are publishing for the first time.
In this book, Luther Burbank, known as “the wizard of botany” due to the hundreds of new flower and fruit species that he created during his scholarly career, sets forth a very powerful summary of his philosophical reflections on the nature of man.
In a thought process ahead of its time, Burbank argues that in order to achieve a balanced and plausible relationship between man and nature, new educational methods must be devised that can be adopted from an early age and are capable of developing the full potential of each individual in accordance with the environment and its laws.

Luther Burbank (1849-1926) was an American botanist; during the course of his prolific career, his primary focus was the study of botany but he also had a strong interest in the education and instruction of children.

Introduction by Stefano Mancuso.

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