Crown Imperial Flower Plates De Geest

Corona Imperialis - Botanical print

Picture of Crown Imperial Flower Plates De Geest
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Natural gems: Crown-Imperial from the Hortus Amoenissimus by Franciscus De Geest.

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Crown-Imperial (Corona Imperialis), that's the subject of this splendid illustration from the Hortus Amoenissimus by Franciscus De Geest.

Innovative printing techniques fro one of the most beautiful flower anthologies of the baroque Seventeenth century. The hystory of botany, with the popularisation of its most rare and precious aspects, has always been part of the vision of Aboca. The Hortus Amoenissimus was printed by Franciscus De Geest at the end of Seventeenth century, contains more than two hundred illustrations of flowers. Even today it is surprising for the freshness of colours and the grace of touch with which each species is depicted. The copy of the original manuscript, held at the Rome National Central Library, was curated and published by Aboca Edizioni. 

Reproduction in natural size, printed on Modigliani Cordenons  260 g  fine art paper.
The plant’s name and references to the herbal Hortus Amoenissimus are to be found on the back of the print.

28,5 x 45 cm

Modigliani Cordenons da 260 gr

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