Curiosità E Divertimenti Con I Numeri

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Lovers of games of logic, riddles and popular literature will enjoy this commentary on the manuscript De viribus quantitatis written by the Renaissance mathematician and economist Luca Pacioli.

The book is available only in Italian language.

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Having listed the principles of mathematics and geometry, Pacioli offers a series of engaging and fun mathematical and topological pastimes, card tricks and riddles.

A series of anecdotes and secrets, which are also suggestions on how life can be lived better, marry the fifteenth century with the modern day.

The comments on the problems and riddles is by Furio Honsell, formerly the Chancellor of the University of Udine, and a mathematician and historian of numbers. In an elegant and witty style he points out the most curious, unexpected and irreverent sections. 

Another expert mathematician, Giorgio Bagni, provides a precise and systematic outline of the entire contents of the treatise, and offers simple, appropriate and accurate keys to understanding the puzzles set.

The book is written for readers who enjoy mathematical games, tricks, riddles, anecdotes and the secrets of popular literature.

- Furio Honsell 
was born in Genoa in 1958. He teaches mathematics and computer science. Formerly Chancellor of Udine University and a populariser of scientific subjects, he is a well-known guest on Fabio Fazio's television programme "Che tempo che fa". In this book he comments in witty style on the problems and riddles set in the late fifteenth century by Luca Pacioli and helps us to solve them.

- Giorgio Bagni was born in Milan in 1958 and is a mathematician and lover of computer science and numerical analysis. He teaches in several universities and attends conferences on the teaching of algebra, a subject on which he has written many books. He has also written on the modern interpretation of ancient games. He provides a simple and methodical analysis of every part of Pacioli's book, making it easy to understand and a pleasure to read.


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