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60 ricette AIDAP per mangiare in modo sano e leggero

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60 AIDAP recipes for healthy and light eating.

Equilibrio & Gusto is a unique recipe book because:
• it contains only balanced recipes, low in calories and created to have beneficial effects on health
• each recipe has been tested in Aboca’s employee cafeteria
• its practical format makes it easy to prop up and consult directly on your kitchen counter, thanks to its patented self-supporting bookstand
• if it should get dirty while cooking, stains can be easily wiped off with a soft, damp sponge, allowing it to always stay clean!

The recipe book is available only in Italian language.

ISBN/EAN: 978-88-95642-62-8

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Today, food is no longer considered just a source of carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. An increasingly greater focus is being put on fruits and vegetables since they contain important nutritional substances such as polyphenols, flavonoids, anthocyanins, sulfur compounds, etc... Simply put, oftentimes these include the substances that contribute to the colour, taste and smell of our food. We are now aware that the protective function and general health benefits associated with a diet rich in fruits and vegetables depend heavily on these particular natural compounds.

This is why Aboca and Aidap collaborated to create an innovative recipe book characterized by low-calorie recipes that also provide incredible health benefits, thanks to the presence of vegetables, legumes and fruit.


AIDAP (Italian Association of Food Related Disorders) is a scientific medical association recognized by the FISM (Italian Federation of Medical-Scientific Societies). The scope of the organisation is to promote a special awareness and culture in the prevention, education, treatment and research of food-related disorders and obesity. AIDAP is an accredited partner of the Ministry of Public Education for the promotion of the national programme for the prevention of physical, mental and social difficulties in schools. As such, AIDAP plays a fundamental role in the prevention and awareness about food-related disorders and obesity in schools.  

Aboca, a leading producer of natural products dedicated to health and wellbeing, delivers guaranteed high quality products thanks to its continuous research into medicinal herbs and the winning combination of technology and the herbalist tradition. This has allowed nature to be used as a raw material, with respect for the active ingredients extracted from the plants and with the use of patented production processes that do not utilize artificial substances that could have a long term, negative impact on human health and the environment.


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