Etruschi - Simona Rafanelli, Paola Spaziani

Il privilegio della bellezza

Picture of Etruschi - Simona Rafanelli, Paola Spaziani
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"The purpose of the art of make-up is to endow oneself with a beauty that has been purchased, while that of cosmetics, which is part of medicine, is to conserve all the naturalness of the body, which is accompanied by a natural beauty…"
(Galen, Of the Art of Medicine)

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The contents of this book represent a real journey of the senses, a close look at the different ways the Etruscans lived the ideal of beauty. This unique people elevated care of the body to the level of an eternal symbol of their own indisputable, aristocratic fascination.

Thermal baths, perfumes, ointments, medicinal herbs and the art of cosmetics with its charmed instruments all contribute to weaving the design of a unique and mysterious story. The story is told by the objects that make up the toilette of the extraordinarily modern women of Etruria: only the mute images, almost three thousand years on, are still able to reflect, in the gold depths of a mirror, their unspoiled and ineffable beauty.

In Book CLIII of his story, Theopompus says that:
"Among the Tyrrhenians the woman are held in common, who take great care of their bodies and often appear nude among men, sometimes amongst themselves, as it is not considered indecorous to show oneself naked. At table they do not sit next to their husband but next to the first person to arrive amongst those present. They drink to the health of whom they like. They are strong drinkers and very beautiful to gaze upon."
(Athenaeus, in The Deipnosophists, XII, 517d)

The editors
- Simona Rafanelli
 is an Etruscologist. Since 2002 she has directed the Museo Civico Archeologico "Isidoro Falchi" in Vetulonia. In 2009 she reopened the digs of the Etruscan-Roman city of Vetulonia where a new extraordinarily preserved Etruscan domus has been identified 

- Paola Spaziani is an archaeologist. With her colleague Francesca Colmayer, she has directed the educational section of the Museo Archeologico e d'Arte in Maremma di Grosseto since 2002. In 2009 she began a detailed study of the city walls of Ferentino.


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