Flower Months 2019

Wall calendar

Picture of Flower Months 2019
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Flower Months 2019 is a wall calendar embellished with a selection of botanical tables from The Garden, an illustrated weekly journal of horticulture in all its branches.

The Garden was a weekly magazine founded in 1872 by William Robinson, head of the Botanical Gardens of Regent's Park, London. This periodical accompanied the development of British floriculture, promoting open lawns and flowerbeds decorated with wild country and mountain flowers. The fascinating plates that illustrated the issues were created by some of the most famous British painters and lithograph artists of the 19th century, including Henry George Moon, Beatrice Parsons, and Alfred Parson.

The original copies of the plates reproduced in the 2019 collection are kept at Aboca Museum’s Bibliotheca Antiqua.

cm. 43 x 16