Flower Months Mini 2019

Wall calendar 2019

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The Flower Months mini 2019 wall calendar has been created using details of the botanical plates taken from the Hortus Amoenissimus of Franciscus de Geest (1638-1699), a celebrated 17th Century Dutch artist of the Baroque period.
The original work is preserved in the National Central Library of Rome.

Aboca Edizioni has published a facsimile reproduction of Franciscus de Geests᾽ florilegium Hortus Amoenissimus, a collection of 201 original life drawings beautifully coloured with mixed media. It is testimony to the variety of flowering plants cultivated in the botanical gardens of the period and in particular to the rich collections of precious and much sought after tulips from the Orient.

cm. 10,5 x 29,5