Flower Plates Flore d'Oware et de Bénin, en Afrique

Selection of 6 botanical prints

Picture of Flower Plates Flore d'Oware et de Bénin, en Afrique
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Natural gems: Palisot collection.

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Six delicate images to frame and admire.

African tulip tree, white waterlily, cyperus crassipes, ipomea ennealoba, napoleona imperialis, kolbia elegans: a selection of botanical prints reproduced from Flore d'Oware et de Bénin, en Afrique by Ambroise Palisot.

The history of botany, with the popularisation of its most rare and precious aspects, has always been part of the vision of Aboca. The Flore d'Oware et de Bénin, en Afrique, printed in Paris between 1804 and 1807, came to life thanks to the passion of Ambroise Palisot de Beauvois for the flora of central Africa. The two volumes that compose the work include 120 splendid illustrations that reproduce the species observed by the famous naturalist during a stay at the Oware colony, at the estuary of the river Niger. Amongst these is Napoleona imperialis, which was dedicated to Napoleon Bonaparte.

Life-size reproduction, printed on fine 260 g paper.

28.5 x 45 cm

260 gr.

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