Flower Plates Herbier Général de l'Amateur

Selection of 6 botanical prints

Picture of Flower Plates Herbier Général de l'Amateur
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Natural gems: Bessa collection.

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Six images to bring colour to your days!

Crown imperial, Phalangium liliastrum, Persian buttercup, Japanese camellia, mallow, Passionflower: a collection of six delicate illustrations contained in an elegant folder and reproduced from the monumental Herbier Général de l'Amateur.

Life-size reproduction, printed on fine 260 g paper. In addition to the faithful rendering of the colours of the original engraving, the specific technique used in printing the individual illustrations reproduces also the grooves derived from the pressure of the calchography plate.

The history of botany, with the popularisation of its most rare and precious aspects, has always been part of the vision of Aboca. Consisting of eight volumes, the Herbier Général de l'Amateur was printed in Paris between the second and third decade of the Nineteenth Century. The watercolours from which the engravings were derived, manually coloured at the time of publishing, are due to the famous botanical painter Pancrace Bessa, who worked at the request of Charles X of France.


16 x 26 CM

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