Genius loci - Duilio Contin, Secondino Gatta

Scienza, arte e spiritualità a Sansepolcro

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Genius loci is the spirit that lives in a particular place. It lives in the inhabitants, expressing the peculiar character of the place. The reason of the particular genius of Sansepolcro is the encounter between nature and culture.

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The character of Genius loci of Sansepolcro has been fueled by its vibrant culture and its remarkable economic development.

The book is aimed at those who are in love with the Tiber Valley and its protagonists: scientists, artists and intellectuals of highest level.

The authors
- Duilio Contin is the director of the Bibliotheca Antiqua of Aboca Museum. Gratuated in Conservation of Cultural Heritage, often visits the most important libraries in the world. Enthusiat bibliologo, he has a particular interest in the history of the techniques of the illustration.

- Secondino Gatta, gratuated in Literature and specialized in history of the church. Born in Rome, he moved to Tuscany, where he works on archival research.

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