Gli scacchi di Luca Pacioli

Evoluzione rinascimentale di un gioco matematico

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Within the context of the undoubtedly extensive literature on this sector, the essay Gli Scacchi di Luca Pacioli - Evoluzione rinascimentale di un gioco matematico is worthy of being included amongst the most innovative, thanks to the unpublished nature of the manuscript De Ludo Scachorum, on which it is based. The book critically analyzes the original work and credits authorship to the great Renaissance mathematician, a student of Piero della Francesca and close friend of Leonardo.

The book is available only in Italian language.

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Closely associated with the facsimile reproduction of Pacioli’s work, the book is the result of the contributions of leading experts in the chess-playing and palaeographic-linguistic areas who discuss complex subjects such as the historic profile of chess, the phases of recovery, the transcription of the manuscript, the attribution of authorship and the chess technique used by Pacioli. To the traditional rules he added those of the "a la rabiosa" technique. 

One hundred and fourteen entries, with the detailed transcription of the individual “decisions” and the resolution of chess problems, complete the contents of the book. 

The authors
Duilio Contin is the director of the Bibliotheca Antiqua of Aboca Museum. Gratuated in Conservation of Cultural Heritage, often visits the most important libraries in the world. Enthusiat bibliologo, he has a particular interest in the history of the techniques of the illustration

Diego D'Elia, chess historian

Attilio Bartoli Langeli, professor of Paleogrophy at the University of Perugia

Enzo Mattesini, professor of Italian linguistic at the University of Perugia

- Alessandro Sanvito, chess historian.


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