Guida bibliografica ai più noti fitoterapici

Edizione 1999

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This up-to-date, rational and easily consulted book is suitable for use of the best known herbal products by doctors, pharmacists, herbalists and enthusiasts of natural remedies.

The book is available only in Italian language.

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Fifty-four monographs on plants and natural products, with detailed information sheets on their botanical, clinical and biochemical-pharmacological properties. In addition, a detailed analysis of the scientific literature published in the most authoritative international magazines and reviewed by the most important databanks currently available to researchers.

Divided into sections on the composition and activity of each phytocomplex, every monograph provides the data published since the early 1970s up to the date of publication of the book, with related bibliographical details.

The book's final feature is an index of activities and pathologies.

The authors
- Giacomo Spignoli, specialist in pharmacology 

- Valentina Mercati, graduate in Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Technology

- Elisabetta Boncompagni, graduate in Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Technology.



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