Hygiene and beauty in ancient Egypt DVD

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The beauty ritual: essential oils and cosmetics at the time of the Pharaohs

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The land of the pyramids, the Sphinx and magic, Egypt was a model for civilisation and science.
In seeking absolute perfection, the Egyptians produced a series of rituals which attempted to obtain a healthy and beautiful body, with a spirit worthy of living for eternity. 
The DVD, Hygiene and beauty in ancient Egypt reveals this area of Egyptian wisdom, and will show you a lifestyle that considered cosmetics and hygiene as essential practices for continuing existence.

This audiovisual project arose from the show of the same name organised by the Aboca Museum Study Centre  in collaboration with Museo Egizio, Firenze
The show, held in  early 2006 in Palazzo Bourbon del Monte di Sansepolcro, the home of Aboca Museum, introduced the public to the refined practices, tools and cosmetics that the ancient Egyptians used in caring for their body.
The latest edition of the show, which saw the participation of the Museo Archeologico, Siena, was held in summer of the same year at the Museum Complex of Santa Maria della Scala.

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