I balsami di Afrodite - Giuseppe Squillace

Medici, malattie e farmaci nel mondo antico

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The figure of Aphrodite and its connection with medications, healing plants and fragrant spices is brought back to life in the pages of this study, which is mainly aimed at a curious readership, always fascinated by the ancient world.

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Based upon the main Greek and Latin literary sources, the work offers a range of information and anecdotes on doctors, pathologies and most importantly medications.

A very rich pharmacopoeia, used by kings and queens, but also by common people, in which a key place is occupied by ingredients derived from animals such as the hyena, the crocodile and the chameleon, or by plants such as silphium, burning bush, hellebore and mandrake, whose healing power against the most different ailments became at times proverbial.

What emerges is a multifaceted universe, in which, often without too many distinctions, medications are juxtaposed with potions and antidotes, the doctor's role overlaps with that of the priest and the magician, herbalists are found amongst sellers of remedies, people gathering roots and even perfumers: surviving snippets of the Greek and Roman world, captured in a lesser known aspect of its daily life.

The author
Giuseppe Squillace
teaches Greek Epigraphy at the University of Calabria. Author of numerous artifices and essays on the ancient world, he has published, amongst other works, Filippo il Macedone (Laterza 2009), Il profumo nel mondo antico (Olschki 2010), Menecrate di Siracusa.Un medico del IV secolo a.C. tra Sicilia, Grecia e Macedonia (Georg Olms 2012), I giardini di Saffo. Profumi e aromi nella Grecia Antica (Carocci 2014), Le lacrime di Mirra. Miti e luoghi dei profumi nel mondo antico (Il Mulino 2015).


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