Il Cristo Risorto di Piero

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Picture of Il Cristo Risorto di Piero
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The image is the historic and artistic documentation of the transformation of one of the most well-known works of the history of modern art: the fresco of the Resurrection by Piero della Francesca, conserved at the Pinacoteca Comunale, Sansepolcro.

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Made in a limited edition of 999 specimens numbered with Arabic numerals, it was born from research by the Aboca Museum Centro Studi, with historical contribution by Roberto Manescalchi and artistic from the Maestro Stefano Camaiti who made the exclusive pencil drawings.

Towards the end of the 19th century significant restoration was performed on the work with changes made to at least 9 details. On the page these are broadly documented with photographs and drawings. It is a study dedicated to lovers of painting, the history of art, fans of Piero and Renaissance culture.

An exquisite colour collotype of the Resurrection created by Alinari enriches the publication. This refined photography printing technique offers us a highly faithful reproduction from the collection with an aged flavour. 
Vast bibliographic references bear witness to the importance of the fresco. 

A collotype is a mechanical photographic printing process which allows you to obtain images with colours with absolutely none of the usual small gaps typical of industrial printing. A layer of crystal or the matrix is covered by a layer of special gelatin, after a few hours firing in a special kiln, the sheet is ready for being exposed by overlaying the negative of the image to be reproduced. The sheet is then inked by hand and placed in a machine for printing in direct contact with the paper. Each sheet is the result of several passes of colour depending on the ability of the printer. Technically a collotype allows you to print only limited runs of between 300 and 500 copies per sheet. Over this quantity the layer of gelatin deteriorates and is no longer allows for high quality printing. Each individual collotype, numbered with a dry stamp, is then a unique specimen which cannot be repeated in terms of quality and refinement.

33 x 48 cm

Magnani PESCIA 2010 da 300 gr, con retino stocastico