Il dolce - Ettore Franca, Alfredo Taracchini Antonaros

Il piacere del gusto nella storia

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The pleasure of taste throughout history This book tells the story of how sweetness has assumed a strongly symbolic meaning through the centuries. A book all to savor page after page, on an exciting journey that involves both the body and the mind.

The book is available only in Italian language.

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The book teels a long trajectory, from tasting fruit to discovering honey and beekeeping, from the mythical manna and cane sugar to sugar beets and, more recently, the new chemical and natural frontiers of sweetness.

A living, successful saga in which industry rules, market extortion, medical fears and chemical interventions have all failed to corrode the fascination and the meaning of words such as “sweet” and “sweetness”. Terms that will continue to express the pleasure of an emotion and the intense power of a feeling for a long way to come.

If every symbol is born out of strong links with direct and collective experiences, then the awareness of sweetness finds no cultural obstacles to its loading with metaphorical meanings that are universally shared.

Thus sweet is any satisfactory sensation that brings pleasure and somehow provides gratification. Sweet are caresses, sweet is a dream, sweet is a person.

The authors
- Ettore Franca
, agronomist, journalist, professor of Food Technology in the course of Food Sciences at the Università degli Studi of Urbino. Member of the Agrarian Academy of Pesaro, the National Academy of Oil and president of OLEA (Organizzazione Laboratorio Esperti e Assaggiatori – Laboratory Organisation of Experts and Tasters). His works have been published on the magazines of “Il Sole 24 Ore – Calderini” and others. He has participated in the Gambero Rosso Channel programme on RAI-sat, talks on RAI radio programmes and collaborates with local radio and TV shows

- Alfredo Taracchini Antonaros, a gourmet with a sharp eye for the cultural aspects related to food, he is a writer and a journalist. He has a long history of cooperation with the "Gambero Rosso" magazine, with several articles on Europe and abroad. He has written and presented shows on RAIsat’s Gambero Rosso Channel. He now writes TV and radio programmes.


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