Il Giardino Di Dio

Armonia francescana della Natura

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A book that speaks through images, to be read with our eyes, like San Francis’s innocent ones. This book uses images to tell us about the enchantment of plant shapes and to help us discover their balance: rare, unusual visions, almost stolen from plant to plant, from flower to flower, riding the wave of a Franciscan feeling that is less passion than Love for Life.

For each copy of Il Giardino di Dio - Armonia Francescana della Natura sold, Aboca will donate 3 euro to FAI to help recover the Grove of Saint Francis of Assisi.

The book is available only in Italian language.

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To examine nature through St. Francis’s eyes means seeing traces of the Creator or perceiving, in a blooming flower, the elegant and illuminating splendour of Creation, the most beautiful moment in which life manifests as love, God’s love for all creatures.

God’s Garden helps us discover the divine magnificence behind a flower, the small garden at the base of Nature’s immense garden. Every flower, no matter how simple, possesses the harmonic imprinting that characterises all living beings. Every flower is a small garden in itself: the insertion of flower parts follows accurate rules, almost mathematical.

Vegetal and animal organisms are all guests in God’s great Garden, which this book intends to present to us in more detail as we are all part of it. If we so wish, we can listen to and understand plants, speak their tongue, as Friar Francis used to do. He could do it because he loved plants and lovingly included them in his prayers to the Lord: the Canticle of Creatures is prayer, thanks and praise all at once. 

The books speaks through images and should be read with our eyes. Readers may discover the Beauty and the Harmony that Francis saw in every creature, from the most humble blade of grass, from the least colourful flower, which made him sing: “All praise be yours, my Lord, through all your creatures”.

God’s Garden is an ode to Life that uses splendid images to show how powerful and wise the Lord is.

The authors
- Alessandro Menghini is a professor of Pharmaceutical Botany at the Università degli Studi di Perugia. A scholar of history of pharmacy, for Aboca Edizioni he was in charge of: La Verna Spezierie e Speziali (2003), De historia stirpium di L. Fuchs Facsimile for professional use (2003), Il Giardino dello Spirito (2004), Hortus eystettensis di B. Besler Collector's facsimile (2006),Hortus amoenissimus di F. de Geest Facsimile for professional use (2011) and the medieval Arabic herbarium Kitâb al-Dyriâq

- Fra’ Ginepro
 (Sante Giacomelli), a member of the Order of Friars Minor, a naturalist, botanist, zoologist, aficionado of scientific photography. He could see Creation through the same eyes as St. Francis, and in plants he saw the essence of Harmony and of Beauty. His passion for nature was merged with his faith; he interpreted the most beautiful moment in the life of a plant as a gesture of love by the Creator.


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