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History and art of a creation

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Italian liqueurs. The History and Art of a Creation is a book for those wishing to explore and learn about the pharmaceutical, medical and cultural history of liqueurs through the centuries and, at the same time, take a look at the past culture of liqueur composition in the various regions of Italy

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Each one of us has a streak of creativity that can bring new life to the spirit of humanity. When we discover this creative dimension in art, cooking, gardening, the preparations of liqueurs or by simply making another person smile, we discover a personal source of happiness. The creation of a liqueur has the same artistic basis as a work of art enriched by a careful study of history.

The components of a liqueur come from the carefully studied and collected elements of nature around us.

They are then carefully and lovingly blended in a new combination to preserve and stimulate all our senses and give pleasure.

Every recipe in Salutary Liqueurs. The History and Art of a Creationhas been tested and is extensively illustrated to allow the reader to achieve his or her own composition.

Renato Vicario was born in Legnano in 1946 and grew up in Baveno on Lake Maggiore. He studied book-keeping and then economics and commerce at the Università Cattolica in Milan. His work has taken him around the world (France, Switzerland, England, Brazil, Thailand, China, Costa Rica, the USA). Now he divides his time between South Carolina and Cortona, near Arezzo. He is an enthusiast of art, history, archaeology, ethnology, cooking and wines and has always loved the world of homemade liqueurs, searching out the origins of different preparations

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