La buona salute - Pier Luigi Rossi

Il giusto cibo per un corpo nuovo

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Our bodies are more than the sum of our organs, and eating is more than a simple, banal calculation of daily calorie intake. You could say that eating is thinking. The relationship between nutrition, the intestine, the brain and our emotional states are in fact a new scientific frontier, one that centres on the communication between the organs of our body.

In his new book, Pier Luigi Rossi, the acclaimed doctor and devisor of the molecular method of mindful eating, argues that we should return to a systemic vision: the human body is a complex biological system, made up of many interacting parts.
The body is an open biological system because it allows in: food, water, air, culture, physical, microbiological and chemical pollutants, solar light, oxygen, thoughts and culture, while it lets out: water, air, energy, metabolic heat, carbon dioxide, catabolic waste ... and of course also behaviours, emotions and actions.
Thanks to his wealth of experience and on the basis of the most recent scientific investigations, Dr. Rossi tells us that we have to move away from a calculation of daily calorie intake to an ever more careful and mindful diet, in order to achieve a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Pier Luigi Rossi, a doctor and university professor, is a specialist in Nutritional Science as well as in Hygiene and Preventative Medicine. For Aboca Edizioni he has published: Dalle calorie alle molecole (2014), Conosci il tuo corpo, scegli il tuo cibo (2016) and L’intestino, il sesto senso del nostro corpo (2018).

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