Le gemme e i germogli - Sandro Di Massimo, Maurizio Di Massimo

Cultura e salute delle piante selvatiche

Picture of Le gemme e i germogli - Sandro Di Massimo, Maurizio Di Massimo
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Cultura e salute dalle piante selvatiche

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Le gemme e i germogli is the second volume in the series "Cultura e salute dalle piante selvatiche", easy reference books on the spontaneous plants that grow in our hedgerows or at the edges of city roads. Ever since ancient times, buds and shoots have been a symbol of life and rebirth, the makers of new substances and forms.
Through the activity of their undifferentiated cells, they capture the potential of the entire plant life cycle and for this reason, they are a concentrated source of nutritional compounds and active ingredients for our health. In winter, due to the adverse weather conditions, plant life slows down and enters a period of "dormancy".
Then, with the arrival of spring, the plant slowly regains its strength, form and colours, and, where necessary, is able to regenerate damaged or removed parts. A new life grows from a shoot that is not below ground macerated from a seed, but inspired by light and air. Plants never cease to amaze us, with their extraordinary powers. Despite their apparent immobility, they are continually active, exploring and searching for space, light, food and contact with matter.


Sandro Di Massimo, biologist and ethnobotanist, and Maurizio Di Massimo, herbalist specialising in spagyric and ayurvedic advice, have various publications and articles in specialised magazines to their credit. They have published Ritorno alle radici. Le piante spontanee per l’alimentazione e la salute (2015) and Le radici (2018) with Aboca Edizioni.

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