Le radici - Maurizio Di Massimo, Sandro Di Massimo

Cultura e salute dalle piante selvatiche

Picture of Le radici - Maurizio Di Massimo, Sandro Di Massimo
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With great expertise and insight, Maurizio and Sandro Di Massimo explain to us the importance of the "wild" plants, which, although hidden from view, harbour within themselves a complex and refined physiology, and whose primary functions have remained constant over time, performing tasks of support, the absorption of mineral salts and the accumulation of reserve nutrients.

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Le Radici is the first volume of a series dedicated to naturally growing plants, the “wild” plants that grow in our fields or along the sides of city streets. This is a precious plant world which offers great benefits, rich in healthy qualities and nutritious properties that are essential for healthcare and cooking.

The path traced by this book guides us in the discovery of the great variety of wild plants that grow in our country, and allows us to appreciate them in their diverse shapes, colours, active ingredients and medicinal properties. Their roots are in fact the “keepers” of unique and exclusive knowledge and flavours that contribute to sustaining an unparalleled anthropological, historical and cultural heritage.

Ancient peoples were able to rely on over 1,500 wild plant species for their food; for us too, today, wild herbs and particularly their roots are a great nutritional and medicinal resource. In addition to being tasty and easy to cook, they are a precious source of phytonutrients, which are essential for the maintenance of health.

The authors
Sandro Di Massimo, a biologist and ethnobotanist, and Maurizio Di Massimo, a herbalist specialised in Spagyrics and Ayurveda, have written several publications and articles for specialist journals. They have also published Ritorno alle radici. Le piante spontanee per l’alimentazione e la salute (2015) with Aboca Edizioni.

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