L'Età del ferro a Sansepolcro - By Cristiano Iaia and Adriana Moroni Lanfredini

Attività produttive e ambiente nel sito di Trebbio

Picture of L'Età del ferro a Sansepolcro - By Cristiano Iaia and Adriana Moroni Lanfredini
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This volume, written as a supplement to the first digging expedition (2000) carried out at the Trebbio site , features essays by experts from the fields of archaeology, archaeometry and the natural sciences, focusing on a wide range of cultural, technological, environmental and economic issues that the site and the archaeological findings discovered there have brought to light.

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Archaeological research is still under way at the ancient site of Trebbio, located in the Tiber River Valley just a few kilometres south of  Sansepolcro. Important pieces have been unearthed in this corner of Tuscany, wedged between the Umbria, Marche and Romagna regions, providing new insight into the late protohistoric age.

An unexpected historic picture dating back to the Iron Age (VIII-VI century B.C.) was discovered, providing clues about the formation of a vast centre of Umbrian-Ascoli Piceno facies, along with its residential and manufacturing areas. Of particular interest is the manufacturing centre discovered in the village of  Spinellina dedicated to the kiln firing of ceramic pottery.

By Cristiano Iaia and Adriana Moroni Lanfredini.


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