L'intestino. Il Sesto Senso Del Nostro Corpo - Pier Luigi Rossi

Alimentazione consapevole e biochimica della gioia

Picture of L'intestino. Il Sesto Senso Del Nostro Corpo - Pier Luigi Rossi
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Obsessed with calories, the hostages of advertising that promotes vast food consumption, we now think of nutrition only in terms of weight loss. It is a reductive and limited vision that we must overcome, because nutrition is not the mere calculation of daily calories.

In this new book, Dr. Pier Luigi Rossi explains in a simple and clear way the most up-to-date scientific findings on the vital relationship between the intestine and the brain. It shows us how happiness, joy or sadness, arises from biology, correlated to molecular nutrition and the cell metabolism of the whole bodily system, not just from psychological, social and emotional conditioning.

"Every time we ingest food," writes Rossi "a biological event takes place in our body which, starting from the intestine, involves the whole organism: it changes the intestinal bacterial composition (ie the microbiota, a metabolically active organ inside the intestine); it changes cell metabolism; they change hormonal and genetic profile. The intestine is able to modulate the central nervous system (voluntary and autonomous), the immune system, the hormone system and the entire cell metabolism".

Based on the most advanced scientific research in the field of food science, this new study by Pier Luigi Rossi successfully investigates the vital and systemic relationship between the intestine, the microbiota, the adipose organ and the brain, and highlights how the health of these four organs is always strictly interconnected.

The author
Doctor Pier Luigi Rossi
is a specialist in Food Science, Hygiene and Preventive Medicine, lecturer in Nutrition and Health Education at the University of Bologna, lecturer in Diet and Nutrition at the Catholic University of Rome, and Aesthetic Medicine Masters lecturer in Molecular Nutrition at the University of Sassari. He devised the mindful molecular diet and is the author of books and scientific studies. From 1990 until today he has been a guest on various RAI TV programmes. He published Dalle calorie alle molecole (2014) and Conosci il tuo corpo, scegli il tuo cibo (2016) for Aboca Edizioni.

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