Lupo Alberto E L'officina Delle Erbe

Picture of Lupo Alberto E L'officina Delle Erbe
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Spring is late in arriving and the inhabitants of the farm are not feeling at all well! Lupo Alberto is the only one fighting fit. Perhaps he has a secret. To find out, we follow him into the wood where we find both lots of friends and a number of mysteries.

The book is available only in Italian language.

ISBN/EAN: 978-88-95642-40-6

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The book is suitable for a wide audience, from the youngest of children, who follow the pictures while listening to a parent reading, to adult fans of cartoon stories and Lupo Alberto in particular.

It provides a pleasant and amusing way to make contact with Nature, both in terms of the benefits we can derive from it and the respect we owe to it.

Albert the wolf and the Herbal workshop are characters created by Silver, real name Guido Silvestri, was born in Carpi in the province of Modena in 1952. He began his career in cartoons in 1971 when he worked with Nick Carter (a key figure in the TV programme “Gulp! Fumetti”). In 1974 he worked for Corriere dei Ragazzi when he began publication of the cartoon adventures of Lupo Alberto, the blue wolf in love with Martina the hen and constantly impeded by a bobtail named Mosè. In this story the wood, which is usually just behind the farm where Lupo's adventures take place, becomes a place of mystery whose natural benefits are for the reader to discover.


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