Pomegranate Branches And Fruits Casket

Picture of Pomegranate Branches And Fruits Casket
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"(...) i tuoi germogli formano un giardino di Melograni, con frutti squisitissimi (...)”.
Cantico dei Cantici

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For your jewellery, to store a keepsake or to package a special present.  This big metal casket, decorated with pomegranate branches and fruits, can be used for all the above and for much more.

The botanical image is taken from the 18th century herbal “Botanica Pharmaceutica”, by the German botanist  and physician Friedrich Andreas Happe.

O open pomegranate! You are
a flame on the tree,
a full sister to Venus,
the laughter of the airy orchard.
The butterflies encircle you,
thinking you're a sun that has stood still

From Oriental song by Federico García Lorca. 

40 x 20 cm

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