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The ESCOP (European Scientific Cooperative on Phytotherapy) Monographs represent a fundamental and reliable source of information, and they are widely consulted and requested by scholars and professionals working in this field.

Aboca Edizioni is offering a set containing the ESCOP Monographs as well as the Compendium edited by Andrea Lugli, which supplements the text by providing an index of the various plants arranged by use.

The book and the compendium are available only in Italian language.

ISBN/EAN: 9788895642765

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The Monografie ESCOP are the outcome of 14 years of work by the ESCOP Scientific Committee, starting with its first meeting in 1989. The publications represent the efforts of about 50 delegates from 15 European countries, with the contribution of approximately 30 experts on specific topics and of the members of the ESCOP Board of Supervising Editors, a group of eminent scholars in the field of herbal medicine.

The Monografie ESCOP are solidly based on scientific literature and include references to journals and books in their original language of publication; the text features approximately 5,000 full citations.

The Compendium integrates the Monografie ESCOP, providing numerous instruments (indexes and tables) that make the text easier to use and consult.

Together, the Monografie ESCOP and accompanying Compendium form an important work tool for everyday practice and provide helpful information to guide readers through the complex evolution of the scenario of medicinal plants.

Andrea Lugli
is degree in Herbal medecine above the College of Phytotherapy (UK) and he holds a degree in Industrial Chemistry from the University of Bologna. Member of the College of Practioner of Phytotherapy, he deals with medicinal plants for over ten years. He is a lecturer of the First Level International Master in the University of Bologna.


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Monografie - 670 pagine

Compendio - 95 pagine

17 x 25 cm