Nature dipicted

Plants, flowers and animals portrayed at Palazzo Vecchio in Florence

Picture of Nature dipicted
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Maria Adele Signorini and Valentina Zucchi 

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Palazzo Vecchio in Florence is one of the most renowned art and historical destinations in Italy, and probably worldwide. Its ducal apartments and state rooms house artwork by some of the greatest Renaissance artists, representing a testament to the great political and economic power of the House of Medici.

It also represents, however, an amazing act of love of the grand ducal family with respect to the wonders of nature. Plants, animals, and landscapes are here depicted in monumental frescoes and refined decorations, giving life to rich, varied and truly unique artwork that still today attracts millions of visitors every year, leaving them in awe.    

This book, whose authors are specialized professionals in various fields, ranging from art history to botany, zoology and pedology, is a guide to the nature paintings contained in the Palace rooms, as well as a comprehensive essay that helps readers better understand the symbolic and cultural bases of a true Renaissance masterpiece.



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