"Gusto e Salute" Placemats

Pair of cork placemats

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Healthy eating.




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Making the right eating choices is fundamental for a healthy life.

To help with this Aboca has created the "Gusto e Salute" placemats, which can provide you with simple and immediate recommendations for a healthy meal.

When deciding on portions, it is important not to be excessive. The plate is divided into four parts, of different sizes. The first red part is reserved for fruit, another, slightly green larger for vegetables. In total fruit and vegetables should form at least half of the meal. The third yellow part is for cereals, while the final violet part is for sources of protein, which must have a smaller space on the plate than for cereals.

The unforgettable style of Erika Pittis, who designed the placemat exclusively for Aboca, will help you to remember the principles of a balanced diet.

Erika Pittis, illustrator and graphic designer since 1998, works in advertising and editorial design. She is currently working on illustration and curators personal images and exhibitions for artists and illustrators in Italy and France.

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