Perpetua pencil Aboca Collection

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The ecological pencil that writes forever!


ISBN/EAN: 8032472017998

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The ecological pencil that writes forever!

The Perpetua pencil is an eco-friendly and durable pencil. It is made with 80% recycled graphite, it doesn't dirty your hands and if it falls it doesn't break. It can be sharpened, but even writes when blunt!

A unique gift idea for both stationery and nature lovers!

Made for the Aboca collection, the perpetua pencil is available in nine colour variants engraved with the phrase "La natura non fa nulla di inutile" ("Nature does nothing in vain"), Aristotle.

The pencil is available in 9 different exterior colours. When ordering, please select the colour you would like to buy.

Colour variants available:


Light green;




Electric blue;

Dark green;

Dark blue;


Light blue.

Grafite riciclata 80%

21 cm