Problemas Da Criança

Abordagem integrada com as Plantas Medicinais

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This book deals with frequent and disturbing children's conditions.

This book is available in Portuguese language.

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This book deals with frequent and disturbing children's conditions, which are more changes in the state of overall well-being than illnesses proper, situations in which the individual is still completely within his "health space", which his physiological mechanisms would be able to maintain if external environmental factors did not intrude: for example, insertion into a community, excessive attention to night-time calls for attention and to the frequency of bowel movements, a slight lack of hygiene and skincare, a poor diet, etc...

In all these cases drugs, which attempt to provide a chemical substitute for physiological mechanisms to restart functions, are not the answer.

What is required is an integrated approach consisting of teaching and supporting parents in the treatment of their children, changes to the child's normal habits, and assistance as physiological as is possible, in which the use of medicinal plants is very useful.

This book can be of use not only to paediatrics and doctors who deal with primary cures, but also health professionals, and all those parents in search of reliable information for dealing with the daily problems suffered by their children.

The authors
- Vitalia Murgia
, family paediatric doctor and expert in phytotherapy, lecturer in paediatrics at Padua University

- Rita Pagiotti, lecturer in Pharmaceutical Botany at the University of Perugia.


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